Doug Marshal - Chief Engineer

Doug Marshall

Chief Engineer

  • (806) 731-4888

With over 50 years of experience in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry, Doug Marshall our Chief Engineer, is truly and industry legend. His extensive background combines technical expertise with exceptional leadership abilities, guiding teams through challenging projects. Doug's foray into the HVAC world began in his teenage years at Walters High School in Oklahoma, where he first gained practical experience working on air conditioning systems with his father. His enthusiasm for the field led him to further his education at Red River Area Vo-Tech School during his final two years of high school, where he honed his technical skills.

Following High School, Doug pursued higher education at Northwestern Oklahoma A&M College, focusing on Commercial HVAC equipment. It was here that the foundation for his remarkable career was laid, making him a highly knowledgeable professional in HVAC systems. Starting his career at Southwest Refrigeration in Oklahoma, Doug quickly established himself as a reliable and skilled professional, dedicating three years before moving to Wilhite's Refrigeration in Texas. There , he spent 15 years mastering a range of systems, from grocery store refrigeration to commercial air conditioning systems. His career progression continued at Scottco Mechanical, where he specialized in commercial HVAC and refrigeration equipment for 18 years, eventually being promoted to HVAC Supervisor over the Service Department. Doug then lent his expertise to Plains Plumbing Co., where he worked for eight years, applying his skills to both HVAC and plumbing systems as a technician and later as the Service Manager. His expertise significantly benefits the property management team, safeguarding the investments of our owners and the businesses within GWE Managed Properties. His team is known for being not only responsive but also thorough and professional.

Doug has an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors "A" license through the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, and a Refrigerant Usage Certification through the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society.

On a personal note, Doug has been married to his wife, Vicky, for 44 years and has spent most of that time in Amarillo. Together they embody the principles of integrity , diligence, and commitment to quality, principles that Doug applies to both his professional and personal life.